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Women’s Raincoats Are Usually Stylish Or Functional—This One Is Both

Women’s Raincoats Are Usually Stylish Or Functional—This One Is Both
Posted at 12:20 PM, Apr 11, 2022

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While it’s safe to say we’re all thankful winter is over and spring is now here, this time of year means one thing: rain. And lots of it.

Along with a trusty umbrella, you’ll want to make sure you’ve purchased a quality women’s raincoat this season. While some women’s raincoats are quite sturdy and keep you dry, others are more fashionable than functional. One exception, however, is this Bloggerlove Women’s Raincoat on Amazon that is not only lightweight and comfortable, it’s also waterproof and stylish with a blue and white striped lining.

Available in six different colors and in sizes small to XXL, it is priced between $29.99 and $45.99 depending on size and color. You’ll find it in green, black, light blue, dark blue, red and the traditional raincoat color of yellow. The coat has a zipper and buttons for a double-protection closure. Made of a polyester spandex fabric, it keeps away rain and even light snow, making it a great option for hiking, camping, climbing and traveling. Because it is lightweight, it’s also easy to pack into a small pouch for carrying in a backpack.

The coat is wrinkle-resistant and includes a hidden adjustable drawstring waist, detachable hood and two front flap pockets with buttons, so whatever you put in your pockets will also stay dry. The coat is longer than most other women’s raincoats and will cover your hips.

If the coat gets dirty, you can hand-wash it in a cool temperature or dry clean it, but it is not machine washable.


With more than 2,000 reviews, the raincoat has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 71% of customers giving it a full 5-star rating. Reviewers say it is lightweight, water-resistant, true to size, well-made and “super cute.” Multiple reviews also mention that it “fits perfectly,” which is important for a women’s raincoat that needs to keep you dry.

One reviewer who gave it 5 stars said they wore it on a trip to Jerusalem and it helped them stay dry — even when walking for miles every day in the rain.

“Our group walked miles every day in and out of chapels and cathedrals, up and down stone staircases and through architectural digs. The constant was the rain, but I stayed dry,” they wrote. “I wore the tour group’s ball cap under the hood and even my face stayed dry. I loved that when we got back on the bus, I could shake off the drops of water, roll up the coat, and slip it into my tote bag. Wrinkles would fall right out when I put it back on. This raincoat was put to an extreme test and passed with flying colors. Love the yellow! Sunshine in a coat!”

There are a handful of negative reviews that say this women’s raincoat did not keep the customers as dry as they expected, with the majority of negative reviews giving it a low rating because it was damaged in the washing machine. The product information states that the coat is not machine washable and therefore should not have been put in the washing machine.


Amazon has a handful of other fashionable raincoats as well, like this Zcfire Women’s Raincoat for $38.99 that is similar to the Bloggerlove coat and comes in six colors.


Another option is this lightweight hooded jacket, which is waterproof and packable for day trips or hiking adventures. Starting at $27.99, it comes in 17 colors.


You may also want to pair the coat was some fashionable rain boots like these tall waterproof boots that come in 27 colors and styles, and an umbrella — for those days when the rain is really coming down — like this compact one in a variety of lovely designs for just $12.49.

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