Whipty-Do ice cream shop finds new normal, opens drive-thru after closing last month

Posted at 11:27 PM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 11:38:25-04

MAINEVILLE, Ohio — Whipty-Do, the ice cream institution delighting Maineville for nearly 11 years, has reopened its drive-thru for the first time in a month after COVID-19 fears shut it down.

“People have been supportive and excited. We’re excited to be open,” said co-owner Kristen Fields on Wednesday.

Whipty-Do had a line out to US-22 for most of the day. They’re reopening in a new way, and owners say this season might be their most memorable yet -- by getting back to normal.

“It feels normal, especially with this huge line of traffic. It’s pretty normal,” said customer Clay Ranieri on opening day.

Ranieri got the scoop that Whipty-Do was closing down in March after it opened early in February, but he vowed to return soon for chocolate Whipty Whirls with Oreo.

“We had to come back!” he said.

For regulars like John Skerl, the past month has meant going without one of their favorite destinations.

“We were sad that they closed up,” he said. “We get it, we understand.”

Co-owner Fields said the decision to close the ice cream shop temporarily was one of the hardest she’s made.

“It was gut-wrenching. As a business this is your life, your soul, your baby,” Fields said.

But on Wednesday came a sprinkle of something new for its 30 employees. To keep them and customers safe, the shop has implemented contactless delivery shelves among other precautions.

“Everything we have is in cups. We’re not serving cones. We’ve added the shelf. Contactless chip reader for our credit cards,” Fields said.

They’ve also added a new online menu to speed up orders.

Even though customers have waited a month, some spent an extra 40 minutes in line.

Jason Kuykendall, who lives just around the corner, says the treats -- especially the Super S'mores Whipty Whirls -- are well worth the wait.

“This helps. After I come through the line, I’ll feel a little better,” he said.

During a tough time for many small businesses, Fields said today’s scene is encouraging.

“It’s so nice to have the support of everyone come out,” Fields said. “It’s nice to see familiar faces.”

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