WCPO_Alexandria_storm_damage.jpg Utility poles were tilted sideways off US-27 in Alexandria Thursday morning. Photo by: Brenda Decker WCPO_hail_Williamsburg.jpg Hail in Williamsburg, OhioPhoto by: Melanie Hoobler-Bradburn WCPO_Hillsboro_storm_damage.jpg A large tree blocked both lanes of SR-138 near Hillsboro Wednesday night.Photo by: John Barney WCPO_lynchburg.jpg A tree uprooted near Fox Road in Lynchburg, Ohio.Photo by: Greg Miller WCPO_Mt_Healthy.jpg A tree uprooted in a Mt. Healthy yardPhoto by: Brina Rae WCPO_newport_storm_damage.png A large tree fell in the middle of a Newport street and was still there Thursday morning.Photo by: Paola Suro WCPO_Price_Hill.jpg A view of the morning after the storm from a balcony on Maryland Avenue in Price Hill. Photo by: Matthew O'Brien WCPO_Hammersville_storm_damage.jpg High winds damaged the roof of this Hamersville home.Photo by: Larry Seward, WCPO silverton.jpg Roof damage seen at a store in Silverton, Ohio.Photo by: Courtesy Celeste Taylor self storage.jpg Apparent storm damage to a storage facility near OH-222.Photo by: Courtesy @luckymatt82 donte drexelius.jpg A tree crashed onto a car on Vine Street during storms on April 8.Photo by: Courtesy Donte Drexelius Tree into car fence.jpg A tree swept onto a car and a fence in Latonia, Kentucky on April 8.Photo by: Courtesy Trey Coffman Jason Girdler Brookville Indiana on Holland Road.jpg Large limbs and debris in a yard along Holland Road in Brookville, Indiana, on April 8. Photo by: Courtesy Jason Girdler Power lines down.jpg Storms knock out powerlines and traffic lights in Northern Kentucky after powerful storms on April 9, 2020.Photo by: Maddy Schmidt mt orab.jpg Large cloud formations seen in Mount Orab during storms on April 8.Photo by: Courtesy Meagan Noble Natisha Miller near Mt. Orab.jpg Hail (with egg for scale) that fell in Mount Orab on April 8.Photo by: Courtesy Natisha Miller hail amy applegate.jpg Hail found falling in Williamsburg, Ohio on April 8.Photo by: Courtesy Amy Applegate lightning.jpg Imposing clouds and lightning in the sky above Freedom Way in Downtown Cincinnati April 8.Photo by: Courtesy Samantha Bunge bill jennings lightning.jpg Lightning captured over Union Township, Ohio on April 8.Photo by: Courtesy Bill Jennings newtown lightning.jpg Lightning in the sky above Newtown, Ohio.Photo by: Courtesy Karissa Acres