Trees covered in ice crash into homes, power lines

Ice storm: Trees crash into homes, power lines
Posted at 2:00 PM, Nov 15, 2018

Several families say they’re feeling lucky after ice brought down trees in their yards Thursday. 

A tree came crashing down on the roof of one home in Newtown. Authorities tell WCPO that everyone inside the home is safe. 

Another family in Middletown avoided a potentially deadly scenario. Adonia Martin said she was backing up when a tree landed on her car. 

"A big part of the tree fell -- started backing up and got caught by the little part. So I backed up a little bit,” Martin said. “I backed up more, got it loose.”

Anderson Township

MORE: Ice storm causes thousands to lose power

Many drivers were concerned about ice affecting road conditions. Some roads and overpasses were slick, but the big problem Thursday was ice weighing down trees, like the tree that crashed into power lines on Salem Road knocking out power to residents in Anderson Township. 

The silver lining is the array of photos taken across the Tri-State of glistening trees and plants coated with that layer of ice. Click here or the photo below to view more ice photos.