What does a 9 First Warning Weather Alert Day mean?

What does a Weather Alert Day mean?
Posted at 8:56 AM, Jan 30, 2015
and last updated 2019-02-06 16:01:52-05

CINCINNATI -- The 9 First Warning Weather team works every day to give you information to not only plan your day, but also look ahead to bigger weather events that will impact the Tri-State, and we want to make that message even clearer and easier to share.

This is especially the case for big events that will impact you.

That's why we started a system in 2014 to help better communicate these evens and it's something we call a 9 First Warning Weather Alert Day.

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Here's what calling for a 9 First Warning Weather Alert Day means:

For a day to be declared a "Weather Alert Day", it needs to be a day when the weather will be of great significance and impact on you. These are the things that come to mind:

  • If your safety is in question
  • If we have a strong potential for severe weather
  • If weather is expected to reach extreme levels in terms of heat, rain, wind, cold or snow

Weather Alert Days will help us draw attention to days where severe weather is likely and the Tri-State needs to remain aware of the weather throughout the day. It's all about keeping you informed and safe ahead of time. In the winter, our Weather Alert Days will be focused on larger snowfall events, hazardous ice situations or dangerously cold temperatures.

How will we communicate this?

You'll start seeing language, icons and graphics that specifically use the "Weather Alert Day" terminology from the 9 First Warning team on air, online and on your mobile device. Our team will let you know each time why we've declared this type of event and how it's going to impact you. If the event isn't going to be a big deal and won't have a huge impact, then it will be business as usual. You'll still get the First Warning of weather to come regardless.

Why are we doing this?

The purpose of this label isn't to scare you about the incoming weather events. It's a way to better draw your attention to specific days that you will be significantly affected by the weather, even in a potentially life-altering way if you don't heed our advice. Our number one priority is always to keep you and your family safe. This is an effort to make this message clear, concise and easy to share.

How is this different from the National Weather Service alert system?

Not all events will end up with "Watch" or "Warning" attached to it from the National Weather Service, but they can still have a significant impact on the Tri-State. Plus, those watches and warnings typically get issued much closer to the event. The Weather Alert Day designation allows us to let people know about large events several days in advance. It's like putting a flashing light around that day on the 7-day and saying "Hey, you need to not only listen to this forecast, but also prepare for it."

Questions about the 9 First Warning Weather Alert Day label? E-mail us at newsdesk@wcpo.comsend us a tweet @WCPOor post to our WCPO Facebook page.