It's late October -- why is it so warm out?

Posted at 5:22 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 17:22:23-04

CINCINNATI -- As we head into the last weekend of October we're going to see temperatures unseasonably warm: in the mid 70s for a good stretch of days. So why so warm? Is it an Indian Summer-type setup?

Well, no, it's not because the Tri-State has not seen its first frost to date and that signals a deepening fall cooling. There are other factors like the Jetstream staying well to the north, a dominating ridge of high pressure and radiating heat from the south and west that's going to be funneled into the Tri-State.

Here's the Jetstream as it's positioned now, on Saturday it will move to the north bringing in all this heat from the south and west. We'll be in the mid 70s. On Sunday still a nice south, southwesterly flow which means the warm air continues to solidify. We're still at about 74 degrees. Yet still the most important factor is within our climate data.

We've seen it this hot before. In fact, Oct. 29, 1927 it was 83 degrees and that was a record. On Oct. 30, 1927 it was 83 degrees and on Halloween 1950 it was 81 degrees. So while this Halloween we'll see temperatures in the 70s, we won't be breaking any records here and while it's uncommon, it has happened in history.