Acclimating to hot temperatures, seasonal changes is a gradual process, CDC says

Factors impact adjustment time
Posted at 6:19 AM, May 12, 2022

CINCINNATI — As hot summer weather approaches, health experts want to make your transition to the warmer temperatures as simple as possible.

For this transition, there is a process called acclimatization. Acclimatization refers to the process the body goes through to adjust to the current climate. It takes about two weeks of exposure for the body to feel used to whatever seasonal temperatures changes have taken place.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, acclimatization is not the same length of time for everyone. Factors such as body fat, age, physical conditions and even medication can impact how fast the body adjusts.

Dr. Christian Gausvik, a physician from the Christ Hospital Health Network, explained how the sudden rise in temperatures could impact our bodies in other ways.

"...flare-ups of COPD for folks with respiratory and lung diseases. The hotter temperatures, the higher pollen counts, those sorts of things bring along a lot of strain on the respiratory system, especially for folks who are already having problems," Dr. Gausvik said. "So, we see a big kind of spike in those issues with this rapid swing in temperature."

He also mentioned temperature changes can impact sinuses.

The CDC suggests people who are trying to get used to the current seasonal changes should gradually increase their time outdoors.

So as temperatures continually rise across the Tri-State as summer approaches, start off slow and gradually build from there.

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