Roadway debris leads to 20 highway deaths per year in Ohio

Posted at 12:00 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 12:00:08-04

DAYTON, Ohio -- About 20 people are killed each year in crashes caused by debris on highways, state traffic data show.

Debris on the state’s roadways also has led to nearly 19,000 crashes between 2012 and 2016.

During that time, 102 people have been killed and 569 have been seriously injured in debris-related crashes in Ohio.

The Dayton Daily News reports that most often the debris comes from unsecured loads. These represent about 1 percent of all crashes.

But Matt Bruning, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said nearly all crashes caused by debris are preventable. He said that means making sure all loads are tied down.

Nineteen people died last year in debris-related crashes, the Dayton Daily News reported.

“Those are 19 people that would be here today if it weren’t for someone carelessly hauling a piece of debris that flew out and caused a crash,” Bruning told the newspaper.

The state’s department highway said it spends about $4 million a year picking up roadside trash.