Driver in I-74 pileup: Mystery man saved lives

Posted at 9:11 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 19:22:07-05

DEARBORN COUNTY, Ind. – Brittany Herth wants to thank a man for saving her life in the 40-vehicle pileup on Interstate 74 Tuesday morning.

But she doesn't know who he is.

No one was killed in the massive wreckage during a blinding snow squall, but Herth thinks it would have been different if that heroic motorist hadn't stepped up.

Herth said the man stood in the westbound lanes and waved off oncoming semis and other vehicles. 

"I got hit and then I hit a brown Jeep that was in front of me ... and I actually hit the concrete wall," Herth said.

"He was out in the middle of the highway. You couldn't see anything and he stopped all those semis behind us."

And in classic hero fashion, he vanished.

"He turned around, he made sure they all stopped, and as soon as everything was OK and a few minutes went by, he went over the median and left," Herth said.

Six motorists caught in the mishap were transported to hospitals, but there were no life-threatening injuries, according to Indiana State Police.

"It would have been a whole lot worse," Herth said. "He helped me, he saved my life. He saved all the lives behind me too."

WATCH: Herth's mother talks about her daughter's experience in the video below: