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Tri-State drivers feeling the effects of rising gas prices

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Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 08, 2021

The national average for gas is $3.05, which rose one penny over the Memorial Weekend. In some places around the Tri-State, folks are paying as much as $3.15.

“I feel bad for the employees that work inside at UDF and others, because if you’re putting all your money in the gas tank, then you’re not going to go buy snacks,” driver John DeSocio said.

He said a recent trip cost him more than expected simply due to fuel costs.

“I made a road trip to visit my family recently to New York, and it cost me almost $200 for one and a half trips,” DeSocio said. “It’s never been that high. I was budgeting originally for $90. It was double that, and it wasn’t even a full round trip.”

Prices at some stations are higher than what Cincinnatians saw Memorial Day weekend. AAA said prices could go up again this week because of rising crude oil prices. Currently, the average prices for gas per gallon in Kentucky is $2.90. Ohio is $2.96, and Indiana is $3.07.

“We fill up about twice a day,” said DoorDash delivery driver Shelby Merritt.

Gas is everything for Merritt. He delivers out of Maysville, Kentucky, and travels more than an hour north to make his rounds. He said his Toyota averages about $20 to $40 a day.

“It’s affecting us a little bit, but not too harshly at the moment,” Merritt said. “If it goes any higher, obviously it’s going to affect us.”

One tip that can cool those high gas prices this summer is to find a grocery store that’s teamed up with a gas station: Sometimes they offer money off at the pump if a certain amount is spent on groceries each week.