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Target Will Have New Halloween-Themed Baking Kits This Year

Target Will Have New Halloween-Themed Baking Kits This Year
Posted at 10:55 AM, Aug 27, 2021

Target has already upped its Halloween game for 2021 with its haunted decor and costume collections in the Hyde & Eek Boutique — and the retail giant is just getting started with the holiday festivities. After all, Halloween isn’t just about the spooky tricks, it’s also about the yummy treats!

Like last year, Target will soon be offering family-friendly Halloween-themed baking kits that require minimal prep time in the kitchen and include almost everything you need to bring some creepy creations to life.

Check out this sneak peek at the adorable kits coming soon to Target, and keep an eye out for them at your local store or in the coming days and weeks.

Hyde & Eek Boutique Frankenstein Crispy Rice Treats Kit

Marshmallow cereal treats on a stick in the shape of a monster? Kids of all ages will be screaming for more with this no-baking-required kit. All you need to add from your kitchen is butter. Priced at $5.99, the kit includes everything else you’ll need: cereal, mini marshmallows, food coloring, colored icing tubes, candy eyes and pop sticks.

Target | Mullenlowe PR

Hyde & Eek Boutique Haunted Meringue Cookie Kits

Don’t let the difficulty of making meringue cookies scare you away. For $4.99, this kit will walk you through the process of how to whip up egg whites, sugar and a few other ingredients to produce these ghoulishly good ghosts.

Target | Mullenlowe PR

Hyde & Eek The Walking Dead Tie-Dye Sugar Cookie Kit

With their tie-dye flair, these sugar cookie zombies might be the cutest and most colorful creatures we’ve seen. The kit is $3.99 and includes cookie mix, food coloring and loads of candy eyes for extra fun.

Target | Mullenlowe PR

Hyde & Eek Ghost Hollow Chocolate Cookie Kit

Why settle for a cookie house when you can bake and build an entire spooky town? At $9.99, the Ghost Hollow Kit comes complete with pre-baked cookies, pre-made icing and decorative candies. All you have to do is open the package and get creative. Truly an all-treats, no-tricks option for the family.

Target | Mullenlowe PR

Which one of these kits will add some delicious fun to your Halloween season?

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