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'Houston, I Have A Problem:' Drivers keep knocking over street signs in her yard

Posted at 12:14 AM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 00:14:48-05

WCPO's Ryan Houston helps solve your problems in "Houston, I Have A Problem."

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A Warren County woman claims drivers in her neighborhood keep taking down street signs and using her front yard as a street.  

She fears for her family's safety.  So I went to Deerfield Township for this week's “Houston, I Have A Problem.”

Dani Forman, who lives on King Avenue. tells me the problem has gotten worse in the past few weeks.

"I have pictures of tire tracks coming on this side of the stop sign through my yard here, underneath this pine tree," Forman said.

A sign of the times reads: “Stop except right turns. Traffic from right does not stop.”

But you can't read the signs if they're knocked over on the ground. 

"There's been about five cars in my front yard since the beginning of the year,” said Forman. “The stop sign here has been knocked over a couple of times. A 35-mph sign has been knocked over there. 

 "I do worry that a car could make it through my living room as close as my house is to the road," said Forman, a nurse.

She sent pictures showing street signs on the ground, tire marks in the snow and mud and pieces of a car bumper in her front yard. 

"I've seen the stop sign was propped up so the sign was visible even though it was down on the ground," she said.

Forman also sent pictures of crews putting the signs back up.

The Warren County Engineering Department said crews responded to this area twice this month because someone knocked down the stop sign.

It said it denied Forman's request for guardrails because her problem doesn't meet the guidelines.

The resolve in this story is that Deerfield Township leaders tell me they're watching that area And they're waiting for more data to be collected.

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