Two hurricane names retired from 2016 season

Posted at 2:55 PM, Mar 27, 2017

The World Meteorological Organization, the group responsible for naming hurricanes, announced two names will be removed from the 2016 list of Atlantic hurricanes.

Matthew and Otto are the 81st and 82nd names to be removed from the Atlantic list.

Hurricane names are retired when a storm is so deadly or destructive that any future use of it would be considered insensitive.

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Hurricane Matthew was a category 5 hurricane that moved across the Caribbean before moving up Florida's Atlantic Coast and eventually toward the Carolinas. The hurricane was responsible for more than 585 deaths, most of which occurred in Haiti.

Hurricane Otto formed late in the season and moved across Central America. It was the first hurricane in recorded history since 1851 to directly affect Costa Rica. That storm killed 18 people.

Hurricane names rotate every six years, so the list of names used in 2016 won't be used again until 2022. That's when 'Martin' will replace 'Matthew,' and 'Owen' will replace 'Otto.'

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