Thanksgiving week storms to disrupt travel

Posted at 11:30 AM, Nov 22, 2016

Nearly 48 million Americans will be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, according to the American Automobile Association. And while most people should be able to make it to their destination without Mother Nature interfering, that won't be the case everywhere in the U.S.

Two different storm systems will be causing everything from thunderstorms to snow and ice.

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Wednesday morning, low pressure and a trailing front will be centered over northern Missouri. This storm system is likely to bring rain and thunder to Arkansas, West Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Southeast Texas. Snow and ice is more likely to fall in Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and parts of Michigan.

At the same time, a second system is bringing rain, snow and ice to the entire Northeast corner of the United States.

By Wednesday evening, the first system fully shifts into the Midwest, bringing mostly rain to the Ohio Valley while the snow is limited to northern Wisconsin and parts of Michigan.

The snow in the Northwest moves farther inland to the Northern Rockies.

For anyone driving across the Plains, Midwest or the Northwest, delays are possible, especially in those areas getting snow.

The longest delays are most likely to occur in places like northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and parts of Michigan because those are the places where the heaviest snow will fall.

If you're flying, that's a different story altogether.

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