The Broo View: 77 reasons to like Ohio State

Sept. 5, 2016
Posted at 12:28 AM, Sep 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-05 14:06:39-04

I think Ohio State has a real shot to be very good this season. I think there is no college football team in America that's as good as Alabama.  And I wonder if the University of Kentucky will ever win another SEC Championship.

And other random thoughts as week #1 of the season comes to an end....

For a team that's supposedly in a major rebuilding mode, the Buckeyes looked like a team that'll be playing in January.  Of course, they were up against a woefully over-matched MAC team in Bowling Green.  But still, 77 points is 77 points.

Watching theUK Wildcats meltdown Saturday night made me wonder if we'll see another UK Southeastern Conference Championship in our life time. It was a total meltdown. Yes, Southern Mississippi is a good team. But to get outscored 34-0 after UK took a rather large lead?   And I don't buy the argument that a predominant basketball school can't have a successful football program.

I bleed Ohio University green, butlosing at hometo Texas State (Texas State????) is horrid. The Bobcats' defense couldn't stop a sneeze.

I think the Big 12 is missing out on something. The way they're going aboutthis expansion business, sending rejection letters to prospective candidates, like they're applying for a spot in a college classroom is both demeaning and absurd. And then, to call the remaining candidates to individual meetings with the Big 12 Presidents smacks of the TV show "The Bachelor". Do the expansion winners get a red rose?

Wouldn't want to be in the room if UC brings Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt is there...

I think if it's not SRO at Nippert Stadium when the University of Houstoncomes to town on Thursday night, Sept. 15th, then the Bearcats have a serious image problem trying to sell themselves to the Big 12.

And for all the "chicken little talk" after the Bearcats struggled against UT-Martin in their season opener, I have two words: Mississippi State. In this day and age, there is no such thing as an ugly win.

The Notre Dame-Texas game Sunday night was one of the all timers. The blocked PAT return for a two point defensive touchdown took the game to a surreal state.

Two NFL games on Thursday night?  And I have the night off?  Man Cave cleaned: check. Craft beer on ice:  check. Get the door, it's Domino's.

I'll have more on the Bengals-Jets later in the week. It will be emotional, near New York City on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. But come kickoff, I'll take the Bengals. They're the better team.

40 years ago today, this was the number one song in the USA.

Written by all three of the Brothers Gibb, it first appeared on their Children of the World album and, of course, the soundtrack album for Saturday Night Fever.  It featured the classic Bee Gees band: Dennis Bryon on drums, Alan Kendall on guitar and Blue Weaver on keyboard.  And recruited from the studio next to the Gibbs, where he was cutting an album with Neil Young, was Stephen Stills.   He stuck his head into the Bee Gees studio to see how thing were going and they asked him to help out on percussion, which he did.  Maurice Gibb died about 13 years ago.  Robin Gibb passed away four years ago.  The only surviving Bee Gee is Barry Gibb, who turned 70 just a few days ago.

Make it a great Labor Day......