The Broo View: Who's the best Bengals player?

Posted at 9:17 PM, Oct 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-03 21:17:20-04

As long as A.J. Green is healthy and on the field, the Bengals will be just fine. If not, this 3-0 team will be in trouble.

Who's the best player on the Bengals? Dalton? He's been terrific so far this season, but no. Geno Atkins? He's much better this year than last because he's healthy again, but no. Eifert? Bernard? Maualuga? Jones? Stop, stop, stop and STOP.

A.J. Green is the best player on the roster. And the money the Bengals invested in him three weeks ago is the best investment the Bengals have made in a player in the history of the franchise. They've never had a game-changer like Green, as in ever.

Ken Anderson? Should be in the Hall Of Fame. Boomer Esiason? Excellent quarterback and great team leader. Cris Collinsworth? Money wide receiver. Ochocinco? Child Please.

Andy Dalton delivered a terrific performance against the Ravens. But it was Green and his unwillingness to be tackled, his passion and fire to get into the end zone on an 80-yard touchdown play that put the Bengals in the lead just seconds after they lost it to the Ravens that was the game-changer Sunday.

And, of course, Dalton went to Green again with the game on the line with 2:10 to play.

I've said it many times: The first player that an opposing defensive coordinator worries about when game planning against the Bengals is Green. We saw it again Sunday.

Random thoughts from Sunday's NFL action...

The Ravens are cooked. They can leave a wake up call for 2016...

I don't think the Steelers are done, even without Ben Roesthlisberger for the next six weeks. They still have a great running back in Le'veon Bell and the best receiver in football in Antonio Brown.

And Michael Vick has quarterbacked a lot of wins in his NFL career. I would not be surprised at all if the Steelers win four of the six games that Roethlisberger will be away...

If I had to pick one team that's surprised me this season, it'd be the Falcons. Never saw that coming. Could it have all been just a problem with former head coach Mike Smith? Seems too simplistic...

Nice that Chip Kelly's offense figured out how to get the Eagles a win. But I'm not sold on the Eagles yet...

Got news for you: The Arizona Cardinals might be playing in the Super Bowl. Carson Palmer has turned back the clock to 2005. If Palmer stays healthy, all things are possible for the desert birds...

Hard to believe, but 25 years ago this week, AC/DC released their album "The Razor's Edge," which of course, spawned this hit, the only AC/DC song to crack the Billboard Top 30 list:


The song was written by the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm. Angus says he came up with the opening guitar riff simply by "fooling around" with his guitar.

And of course, the lead vocals by Brian Johnson permeate everything. The group is touring now, without Malcolm, who is battling dementia. But the classic AC/DC lineup of the Young brothers, Cliff Williams on bass and Chris Slade on drums is in full bloom here.