Lane 8 helps level playing field for Cincinnati's young swimmers

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jul 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-30 23:59:27-04

CINCINNATI -- For kids who want to join a swim team, the desire doesn't always come with opportunity. Simply put, they can't always afford what they need.

That's where Adam Monk's organization comes in: Lane 8 sponsors young swimmers by giving them suits, swim caps, goggles -- and motivation.

"In the sport of swimming, the swimmer in lane 8 either had the slowest seed time and is expected to finish 8th of eight swimmers -- much like these kids, in life, they're not expected rise to the occasion or do their best. So we level playing field for them," Monk said.


Lane 8 sponsored youth from Millvale and Bond Hill this summer, including Makayla Thorton. She and the other swimmers were out at Ryan Pool in Westwood Saturday for the city swim finals.

"It's a good thing because it gets more kids involved in sports," she said. "It gets more kids outside and doing things."

Monk said Lane 8 asks the kids for something in return, too: four to five practices a week, respect for teammates, coaches and opponents, and that they have a good time.

"They've done their part, and we're just proud to do ours," he said.

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