Edgewood, Ross football teams show solidarity with giant flag

TRENTON, Ohio -- After NFL protesters demonstrated during the national anthem, public displays of unity and patriotism are trickling down to school districts.

At Edgewood High School, football players from that school and Ross High School came together for a show of solidarity before Friday night's homecoming game. Both teams held a 5,000-square-foot American flag at midfield to show their support for people in the military. 

Edgewood Athletic Director Greg Brown said it wasn't a political stunt.

“We really haven’t brought a lot of publicity to that. It’s political in nature. We try to keep it professional," Brown said. "We like to do what should be done with the National Anthem, and that’s to honor it."

District staff said they do something to show support every year at homecoming. Last year, they had skydivers.

Edgewood head coach Scott Clemmons said the district has a lot of service member alumni. 

"We have a great contingency of Edgewood alum that have signed up to be servicemen to give their time to the country," he said. "We feel like there's always one game during the season we need to give back to the young men and the people in our community that gave that great sacrifice to this country."

Demonstrations during the anthem have "been a non-issue," according to Edgewood City Schools Superintendent Russ Fussnecker.

"We do this every week, standing for the flag when the anthem is being played," he said.

Brown said the players were excited about having the opportunity to hold the large flag. 

"It's a major rivalry game, and both schools will be holding the flag," he said. "How cool is that?"

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