Batesville overcomes slow start

Posted at 2:51 AM, Sep 26, 2015

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. -- Batesville allowed the first two touchdowns of the game but came back to beat Lawrenceburg, 29-14 on Friday.

The night got off to an interesting start as the Tigers composed a stout running game with Hunter Schneider and its big bruising running back, Austin Bowling.

The two put together two outstanding drives that set up quarterback Reid Strobl for a pair of 1-yd touchdown runs.

Unfortunately for the Tigers, those drives didn’t continue.

Lawrenceburg fumbled the ball away as time expired in the first quarter, and they never seemed to get it together again after that. That turnover led to a Batesville touchdown, and another turnover late in the half all but doomed the Tigers. The Bulldogs converted a 2-point conversion that wasn’t even supposed to be a 2-point conversion — that’s how far south it went.

Yet, as time began winding down in the fourth quarter, the Tigers were still, somehow, in contention to win the ball game.

Alas, the team would wind up putting the ball in the Bulldogs’ hands two more times.

Quarterback Leo Enneking collected a pair of touchdowns and turned the nothing extra point into something as the game approached halftime.

That botched extra point turned 2-point conversion turned the tide of the ball game.

Batesville 00 15 07 07
Lawrenceburg 14 00 00 00

L: QB Reid Strobl – 1yd TD run 7-0 (9:24, Q1)
L: QB Reid Strobl – 1yd TD run 14-0 (1:53, Q1)
B: RB Zach Mears – 4yd TD run 14-7 (10:21, Q2)
B: QB Leo Enneking – 9yd TD pass to TE Jacob Wilson 14-15 (0:51, Q2)
Botched extra point leads to Enneking pass to Jacob Wilson for 2 points
B: QB Leo Enneking – 13yd TD pass to RB Brett Williamson 14-22 (2:39, Q3)
B: RB Zach Mears – 11yd TD run 14-29 (5:37, Q4)