MAP: These streets will close for Bengals games

Posted at 12:00 PM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 12:00:44-05

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals versus Steelers home game Saturday night will mean several road closures all over downtown Cincinnati.

As the Bengals prepare for kickoff, the city will be refereeing streets at and around The Banks all evening long.

But that doesn’t mean you'll need to call an audible when getting around on Saturday during the daytime.

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Some streets will close about three or four hours before kick-off and will re-open once the game begins. Then, around the third quarter, lanes and streets will start to close again.

Kickoff is at 8:15 p.m. at Paul Brown Stadium.

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To help you get around, we have a handy map and a list of closures for you to be aware of:

Pregame Lane Restrictions:

These roads will close before the game to handle pedestrian crowds and  will reopen when the game begins.

  • Elm Street – Closed between Second Street and Mehring Way
  • Freedom Way – Closed between Elm Street and Race Street
  • Race Street – Closed between Second Street and Freedom Way (access maintained to Central Riverfront Garage)

Postgame Lane Restrictions:

Roads are closed after the game to accommodate traffic leaving the parking lots. These roads will close about the start of the third quarter of each home game and remain closed until traffic has cleared the area.

  • Central Avenue – Closed between W. Pete Rose Way and Mehring Way
  • Central Avenue – Southbound only closed between Seventh Street and Fourth Street
  • Elm Street – Closed between Second Street and Mehring Way
  • Race Street – Southbound closed between Second Street and Freedom Way
  • Freedom Way – Closed between Rosa Parks Street and Elm Street
  • Joe Nuxhall Way – Southbound closed between Second Street and Mehring Way
  • Mehring Way – Closed to westbound through traffic at Joe Nuxhall Way
  • Gest Street – Closed between Third Street and Mehring Way
  • Third Street – Eastbound closed between Clay Wade Bailey Bridge and Central Avenue
  • Fourth Street – Closed between Elm Street and Plum Street
  • W. Pete Rose Way – Eastbound closed between Gest Street and Central Avenue

Please note there will be no left turn from Third Street or Sixth Street to southbound Central Avenue during this same time period.

Click the square, gray legend button in the top left corner of the map to see closings for before and after the game, as well as parking options: