Brand-new Bengal John Ross got a heartwarming message from his childhood coach: Snoop Dogg

Posted at 7:53 PM, Apr 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-29 00:15:39-04

Many professional athletes credit their childhood coaches with helping them develop the work ethic they needed to succeed in the adult world, and many of them stay in touch throughout their lives. Newly drafted Bengal John Ross is no different -- except for the fact that his childhood coach was Snoop Dogg.

TMZ wrote that Ross, who played in the Snoop Youth Football League as a child, got an emotional surprise from his former mentor a few hours before being drafted by the Bengals.

"I remember the day I met you, man. You was running through the parking lot at Compton High School, just a little kid who wanted to play football," Snoop said in a pre-recorded video message to Ross. "To look at you now and to see you about to be drafted into the NFL, I’m so proud of you."

With good reason: Ross is now the fastest man in the NFL.

"Continued success to you, John Ross III,” Snoop continued. "You make the Snoop Youth Football League look great every time you step out, every time you do an interview, every time you make a play. We love you, John Ross."

Ross put the message away with a grin.

"That’s just my guy, man," he said. "I got nothing but love for Coach Snoop."