FC Cincinnati 'in talks' with MLS

FC Cincinnati 'in talks' with MLS
Posted at 9:36 AM, Apr 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-24 01:27:43-04

CINCINNATI -- Is FC Cincinnati going to become a Major League Soccer team? 

While the team's GM confirmed that he's been "in talks" with the MLS, he also explained that all conversations with MLS have been "introductory in nature." 

"Any conversations we have had to date with the MLS have been introductory in nature. With the recent mention of potential MLS cities, FC Cincinnati wanted to ensure we are informed for any future endeavors," FC Cincinnati GM Jeff Berding said in a prepared statement. "Our inquiries to the MLS were of a fact-finding nature regarding the procedural requirements and timeline to ensure that should the opportunity arise to be considered for the MLS, we had done our homework."

FC Cincinnati is currently a member of the United Soccer League, or USL.

"We are very fortunate with our membership in the USL," Berding said. "The USL is an aspirational league...we certainly have MLS interest for Cincinnati."