Former Reds manager Dave Miley finds a new baseball life in Indiana

Posted at 5:56 AM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 16:28:34-04

BROOKVILLE, Ind. -- It's not the kind of place you expect to find a former Reds manager, but if you head west on Interstate 74 out of Cincinnati and get off at the Brookville-West Harrison exit, it's a short jaunt to find Dave Miley coaching baseball for a high school team.

Miley managed the Reds for a portion of three seasons, but he made his greatest mark in the minor leagues where he was known as an outstanding teacher and evaluator of talent. When he was fired after three years managing the Reds, the Yankees grabbed him to coach their top minor league team for 10 seasons.

That ended two years ago, and Miley came back to Brookville, where his wife had grown up and gone to high school. When the head coaching job at Franklin County High School became available this season, he decided it was something he'd like to do.

It was tougher than he expected, but he said the team is doing well.