Tuberville details to reporters lingering regret over 'go to hell' comment

Posted at 7:53 PM, Nov 08, 2016

CINCINNATI -- The University of Cincinnati's head football coach, Tommy Tuberville elaborated on his apology issued over the weekend, after he told a fan to "go to hell," following a loss to Brigham Young University Saturday.

Reiterating comments made Sunday, Tuberville said during a Monday news conference, "I'm telling you, it's my fault. You don't do that. I haven't slept since.

"Of course, I haven't slept much anyway because of how we've struggled. But you can't do that," he told reporters.

Here's video of Tuberville's comments to the student, obtained first by 9 On Your Side sports reporter, Keenan Singleton:


Tuberville said he's taking the blame because students making comments to coaches, players, even other fans is not a new thing.

"They do it, not that I didn't know," he said. "Every game at halftime and at the end of the game, it happens... I hit the wall."

BACKGROUND: Tuberville issues apology

It was then, during Monday's conference, that Tuberville issued a promise: "I promise you, I won't do it again... I hope. It's hard," he said.

Tuberville said what continues to keep him in the head coach spot is his love for the game and his respect for the players, to whom he also issued that promise.

"I told our players, I apologized to them on Sunday and it won't happen again," he said Monday. "Because I tell them not to do it: 'You don't respond.' Because I'm their teacher; I'm their parent."

As for retirement, Tuberville said the fact that he's still coaching is his testament to his love for the game and the players.

"If I was going to retire, I'd have retired when I came here. I don't need to work. I like coaching; I like kids.

"With all the 15-hour days, I'd better like it," he said.

Here is Tuberville's full apology issued on Twitter Sunday evening:

Tuberville's apology came just a few hours after UC Athletic Director issued a statement which read, in part, that Tuberville "was put in a no-win situation in front of his team last night which resulted in an out of character response for him. He expressed frustrations from an emotional game.