Reds outfielders Billy Hamilton, Adam Duvall don't win Gold Gloves

Posted at 9:29 PM, Nov 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 21:29:01-05

Reds outfielders Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall both missed out on Rawlings Gold Glove selections.

The pair were finalists for the prestigious awards that honor the best defensive player at each position in each league.

Hamilton was the biggest surprise. The center fielder used his superb speed to track down fly balls that most other outfielders would have little chance to catch.

The Braves' Ender Inciarte won the award for center field. It is his first Gold Glove. 

Sterling Marte from the Pirates won the Gold Glove for left field. It is his second Gold Glove.

Gold Glove awards are awarded based on input from MLB managers and coaches, plus statistical analysis.

One key defensive statistic is Defensive Wins Above Replacement or WAR. This captures how valuable a player is defensively to his team versus the average player. 

Hamilton barely had a better defensive WAR. He had a 14.9 defensive WAR versus Inciarte's 14.8.

Duvall had a much higher defensive Wins Above Replacement than Marte. Duvall's defensive WAR was 4.4, compared to Marte's 1.4.