John Fay says Scooter Gennett is more valuable to the Cincinnati Reds than Brandon Phillips

Posted at 6:37 PM, Jun 07, 2017

Hitting four home runs in one game certainly gets attention.

But regardless, longtime Reds reporter John Fay says the Reds are better off with Scooter Gennett instead of Brandon Phillips. And the controversy over which of the two players wears No. 4 is ridiculous.

Fay said wrote on Tuesday that the Reds never could have acquired Gennett if they had Phillips.

Gennett can play multiple positions and come off the bench. Phillips would not have wanted to be a utility player.

“For this year, Gennett’s a more valuable player,” Fay said on The Fifth Mascot podcast.

Outfielders Billy Hamilton and Scott Schebler were injured, and the Reds were able to plug Gennett in.

“Last night was a ridiculous accomplishment,” Fay said. “Gennett has really brought something to the Reds that they sorely needed.”

That all came on the heels of controversy over the weekend when Phillips – now with the Braves – returned to town and said it was a slap in the face that Gennett wears his number.

“I thought what Phillips said was out of line,” Fay said.

Gennett didn’t choose the number 4. Meanwhile, the Reds had also given away Jay Bruce and Johnny Cueto’s numbers.

Fay also said he didn’t think the Reds should retire number 4.

Fay said Phillips had a great career with the Reds, but the team has such history it should reserve retiring numbers for players who make the Baseball Hall of Fame, Fay said.

“It’s no slight against him, but I don’t think he deserves to have his number retired,” Fay said.

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