Jay Bruce on trade rumors: Just get it over with

Dodgers may be at head of line for RF
Posted at 6:57 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-30 10:18:34-04

CINCINNATI – Jay Bruce could be a Dodger by the end of the weekend. Or a Met. Or a National.

Whatever his destination may be, the newly coveted slugger just wants to get it over. Trade me and let me move on, he said to the Reds Friday.

"I think the writing is on the wall," Bruce told before the Reds' 6-0 win in San Diego.  "… It's tough. It's a deal where I've been here my whole career, but obviously the Reds are in a rebuild mode right now. Everyone is aware of that. I'm ready for the story to be written, for it to conclude and get on with being able to play ball, and hopefully, winning baseball."

With Monday's trading deadline fast approaching, the hottest rumor Friday was that Bruce was going to the Dodgers, who want to unload talented but petulant outfielder Yasiel Puig. But the Reds don't want Puig, they want prospects, reports say. So there's speculation that there could be a three-way deal in the works, with the team behind Door No. 3 getting Puig.

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Whether it was the distraction or just baseball, Bruce cooled off from his incredible hot streak Friday. He went 0-for-4 with an RBI sacrifice fly. That ended his five-game home-run streak – which included six dingers – but raised his league-leading RBI total to 80.  His 25 homers are only two off the league lead.


It was Bruce's home-run streak that pushed the 29-year-old outfielder to the top of the trade market this week.

Bruce has been on the trading block before and knows the drill. The  Reds arranged a deal with the Blue Jays in the offseason, but one of the Jays players didn't pass his physical and that scuttled the deal. At last year's trading deadline, there were reports that he was going to the Mets or Astros.

But that was before Bruce's wife gave birth to a son in May. Now he says a trade would be an unwanted burden on his family.

"It’s harder this year. I have a family I have to focus on," Bruce said.  "Logistically it’s much more intricate. I know this gig. I know how it goes, but it would be nice when it’s past because we’ll have a plan of attack on whether my family’s staying right where they are in Cincinnati or elsewhere."

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See why the Fifth Mascot crew says you should get ready to say goodbye to Bruce:


Bruce has revived his career after two down seasons. His .566 slugging percentage and .885 on-base plus slugging are the highest of his career. Those power numbers make him attractive to a contender.

Bruce says he would prefer to stay with the Reds, the only team he has ever played for. But he knows the Reds have been dumping big salaries in a "rebuild" and it only figures that he will be next.

"Everything that's happened to me in baseball has happened with this organization and they've been great to me. We'll see what happens," Bruce said.

With the trade talk foremost on his mind, Bruce said he didn't have time to enjoy his home-run streak.

"One day hopefully a long, long time from now, I can sit back and reflect, but right now there's no time for that, everything's moving too fast," said Bruce.