Never miss a call with Connected Office Voice

Posted at 1:07 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 14:39:32-04

Communication is a central part of business success, but the last thing any growing business needs is to manage and pay for an expensive system that doesn’t create value.

Cincinnati Bell Business understands both the importance of efficient communication, as well as the need for growing businesses to focus on their core competencies, whether they’re a start-up or a 1,000-person enterprise.

That’s why Cincinnati Bell Business works with thousands of businesses and their IT partners to provide the right solution for specific needs and growth goals. One of Cincinnati Bell Business’ newest offerings is Connected Office Voice, a hosted communications solution that delivers enhanced capabilities at a fixed monthly per-user cost. The product comes in two versions: Connected Office Voice and Connected Office Voice Premium.

For small businesses, Connected Office Voice supports up to 15 users per location with applications that provide exceptional customer communication and increased employee productivity.  When support, installation and quality of service agreements are required, Connected Office Voice Premium provides a dedicated installation team as well as all the applications users need to communicate in real-time.

There are some great customer benefits that Connected Office Voice provides such as:

  • Helps businesses keep pace with changing technology to ensure they don’t get left behind.
  • Enables employees to be more productive and efficient.
  • Supports growth opportunities for businesses and capitalizes on new opportunities.
  • Ensures businesses can consistently deliver an excellent experience for customers.



Here are five ways that growing businesses can benefit from Connected Office Voice and Connected Office Voice Premium.

FLEXIBLITY: Connected Office Voice is designed for businesses with 1-15 employees per location, and allows customers to seamlessly integrate voice, email, instant messaging & presence (IM&P), mobility, and call recording services. A minimum 10 Mbps Internet connection is required to run Connected Office Voice.

Connected Office Voice Premium is designed for businesses with 6-1,000 employees that have more complex communications needs. Connected Office Voice Premium runs through a dedicated Ethernet connection and features a full suite of applications including instant messaging & presence, mobility, call recording, call center and interactive voice response.

COST: Connected Office Voice offers a pricing model that delivers premium value to customers. Our introductory Connected Office Voice solution starts at $27.95 per month per hand set. The solution requires no capital investment, and customers pay for what they use.

SCALABILITY: Growing businesses typically have similar communications needs as large businesses, yet pay a higher cost per user due to fixed costs spread over fewer employees. These businesses can realize cost reductions in communications immediately with our Connected Office Voice solution, which is designed to scale along with growing businesses. The Connected Office voice solution grows as your business grows.

MAINTENANCE: Cincinnati Bell Business provides maintenance and upgrades on all components of the Connected Office Voice offering.

SUPPORT: Connected Office Voice can be self-installed and is supported by FAQs, online user guides, and free instructional webinars. Customers can call our local support desk if needed. 

Connected Office Voice Premium features professional installation, and comes with a dedicated application specialist, full implementation, and on-site training classes in addition to FAQs, online user guides and free instructional webinars.

For more information about Cincinnati Bell Business and our Connected Office Voice suite of products, contact us at 513-397-3939.