Connect with customers through Business Fioptics

Posted at 2:07 PM, Jul 08, 2016

Nelson Castillo keeps the customer experience at the forefront of every decision he makes as managing partner of Prime 47, the Downtown-based steakhouse.

That’s why Castillo puts as much focus on technology as he does the suppliers who provide prime grade beef to Prime 47, and the seafood that is flown in fresh to the restaurant every day.

Prime 47 partners with Cincinnati Bell Business to give its guests a premium Internet experience whether they’re having a working lunch or enjoying a relaxed dinner with friends and family.

“We’re always trying to offer the guest the best product, and hospitality is part of having the best product,” Castillo says. "The Business Fioptics Internet service from Cincinnati Bell Business is fantastic.”

Cincinnati Bell Business is focused on helping growing businesses around Greater Cincinnati through technology. The company’s Business Fioptics suite of services provides the backbone to a range of solutions that are helping customers like Castillo and Prime 47 run businesses more efficiently.



Here are six ways Business Fioptics can help you grow your own business.

Next-generation mobile marketing

Connect Cincinnati is the first city-wide mobile app connecting consumers, businesses and the community. The Connect Cincinnati ecosystem allows you to target prospects in and around your business; market to thousands of local shoppers who engage with the mobile app; and leverage marketing capabilities like push notifications, geo-fencing, couponing and social sharing.

Download and upload at the speed of light

With Business Fioptics gigabit Internet speeds, you can download large files in seconds and upload data to the cloud with the power of Business Fioptics. For example, small business owners can instantly complete credit card transactions for busy customers. Multiple doctors in different locations can collaborate on patient care via video. Engineering firms can easily collaborate on files.

Stream without delays

Business Fioptics gives customers a premium Internet connection experience without delays for HD video streaming, data transmission, voice service and other applications. This dramatically improves productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Video conferencing with ease

HD quality video conferencing demands fast Internet speeds and smooth connections. With Business Fioptics gigabit Internet speeds, there is no need to worry about video quality or frequent disconnects. Quickly connect with your employees and valued customers with an in-person experience. 

Freedom to focus on your business

Let us help you focus on running your business. Cincinnati Bell Business will manage your Business Fioptics Wi-Fi network to provide access to your mobile workforce, contractors and guests.  We offer 24/7/365 technical support and monitoring of network health, status and performance.

 To learn more about Cincinnati Bell Business, and our Business Fioptics suite of products, contact us at 513-397-3939.