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Revlon Volcanic Stone Facial Roller Is A Better Alternative To Oil-Blotting Papers

Revlon Volcanic Stone Facial Roller Is A Better Alternative To Oil-Blotting Papers
Posted at 11:35 AM, May 03, 2022

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If you have oily skin, chances are you’ve already tested out a handful of products to soak up excess oil on your face. There’s one product selling quickly on Amazon that you may not have tried yet, however. It not only has thousands of positive reviews, but it also costs less than $10.

This Revlon volcanic stone facial roller is made for absorbing oil, but also acts as an on-the-go mini massage. Priced at just $9.99, it works like oil-blotting papers, but is reusable and can be used on a clean or finished face without messing up makeup. Made of real volcanic stone, the Revlon facial roller product is easy to use. You simply roll it across your T-zone or anywhere else that your skin is shiny.

The roller also provides a mini facial massage and therefore can replace other products, like a jade roller. Because it is reusable, it is also better for the environment, as you will not be throwing away blotting papers. Clean-up is also easy; simply twist the roller’s ring to unlock it, pull out the stone, wash it with a gentle cleanser, then rinse.


With more than 37,000 reviews and counting, the Revlon volcanic stone facial roller has a total rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. About 63% of customers give it a full 5 stars. Reviewers say the roller is easy to use and clean, is great for absorbing oil throughout the day and that it works better than oil-absorbing sheets.

One reviewer who gave the roller a full 5 stars described it as being “like pure magic,” saying the oil magically vanishes into the ball, never to be seen again,” while another reviewer called it a “must have.”

“I first saw this online and it looks like it worked very well in the video that I watched. I use oil blotting sheets a lot and I work but I thought if this rollerball works it would be way more convenient as it is reusable and washable,” they wrote. “This does not move your makeup at all and it literally makes your face look completely matte, soaking up all of the oil! Super easy to clean.”

As with all beauty products, some customers say it didn’t work well for them. Some people found that the Revlon volcanic stone facial roller didn’t soak up enough oil, while others say it soaked up so much that they could only use it once before having to wash it out. For those customers, blotting papers worked better for them to take on the go.


If you’re looking for something that will help prevent excess oil, instead of just blotting the oil off after it appears, you may also want to buy an oil-free face wash and a toner that can remove any oil that is left behind after cleansing.

ThisLa Roche-Posay oil-free face wash is made for oily and sensitive skin. Priced at $14.24, the foaming cleanser removes excess oil, makeup, dirt and impurities, while maintaining your skin’s natural pH.

It has 4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 16,00 reviews. Customers say it removes oil without over-drying and note that a little goes a long way. One reviewer called it the “Holy Grail of face wash for sensitive skin.”

“This product cuts through a full face of makeup with just 1 pump and lather. Leaves my skin smooth & soft,” they wrote. “I have had less acne since using this for a month or so. This entire bottle has lasted me for 3 months (1 pump per day).”


A toner can also help balance your pH and get rid of excess oil, like this Thayers alcohol-free rose petal facial toner with witch hazel, which is the number-one best-selling toner on Amazon.

Priced at $9.31, the toner is formulated to soothe, tone and hydrate skin. Made from 98% natural ingredients, the witch hazel is picked by hand and the toner is dermatologist-tested for safety. This product is 100% cruelty-free as well.


The Revlon volcanic stone facial roller could be a great addition to any skincare regimen, so have at it!

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