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Reese’s new drizzled popcorn is a salty-sweet popcorn treat

Reese’s New Drizzled Popcorn Is A Salty-Sweet Popcorn Treat
Posted at 10:00 AM, Nov 17, 2021

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If you like your snacks both sweet and salty, there’s a new treat hitting Sam’s Club that checks both boxes: Reese’s popcorn!

New Reese’s Drizzled Popcorn has the sweetness of Reese’s candy with drizzles of peanut butter and chocolate, along with the saltiness of popcorn. You can find a 20-ounce bag at Sam’s Club for $6.98.

If you want even more Reese’s flavor, you could try chopping up some Reese’s and tossing it with the drizzled popcorn in a bowl.

Sam's Club

Sam’s Club also has a new Cookie Pop Oreo holiday gift box that has Oreo Cookie Pop, but with a holiday twist: a sprinkle of peppermint! Available only at Sam’s Club, an 18-ounce popcorn tin is $9.88.

Other new holiday treats at the warehouse club include SkinnyPop holiday variety pack popcorn featuring gingerbread cookie, white chocolate peppermint and snickerdoodle popcorn, and a Cheetos popcorn and crunchy holiday tin with Cheetos popcorn and Cheetos crunchies.

Sam's Club

You’ll find a variety of other Cookie Pop and Candy Pop flavors in stores as well, including peanut M&Ms, mini M&Ms, SnickersButterfinger, TwixNutter Butter and Sour Patch Kids.

The brand also has two new holiday flavors: Cookie Pop Popcorn Iced Gingerbread and Candy Pop Popcorn Peppermint Hot Chocolate. The seasonal flavors are available at Kroger, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, Ralphs and a few other retailers. You can also order it online if you want it to come right to your door.

SNAX-Sational Brands

You could always try making your own popcorn for the holidays, like this salted caramel popcorn, this caramel marshmallow popcorn or this Moose Munch, which calls for caramel, chocolate drizzle and nuts of your choice, like cashews or almonds.

Pair your festive popcorn with some homemade hot chocolate or a holiday cocktail and you have a perfectly cozy treat!

Do you have any favorite popcorn recipes?

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