Opening Day party benefits Barracks Project

Posted at 12:38 AM, Jul 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-25 11:27:48-04

COLD SPRING, Ky. — Harvey Germain, who owns Mac’s Pizza Pub, said the past five months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit have required creativity.

“It’s been all kinds of changes, up-and-down business,” Germain said. “It’s exciting and it’s also nerve-racking. I wake up every day nervous and excited to see what happens.

“We definitely have to do a lot of thinking outside of the box when it comes to service.”

Felicia Huesman, founder of The Barracks Project, knows about serving those who have served.

“There’s a ton of programs that help once you’re homeless, a ton of programs once you’re in that help you buy a home. We found there’s no in-between,” Huesman said. “It had to be sink or swim. Instead of complaining about it, let’s do something about it.”

The Barracks Project helps veterans transition into civilian life. Due to COVID-19, they’ve had to cut the number of folks they can help every month with rent assistance.

“All our big outings, adult prom, things like that, were canceled due to COVID," Huesman said. “We’re making the best with what cards were dealt to everyone right now.”

A portion of the proceeds will go to The Barrack Project.

“We want to throw a party and do some good while we’re having it,” said Germain.

Huesman was grateful.

"To see a local business that’s also in trying times right now … For them to be generously offering proactively to give any amount today is 100% going to our mission,” she said.

“Even if we walk away tonight with a crisp $20 bill, I know sometime next week, that $20 is going out into our veterans community.”