Need resume help? Sign up for this workshop

Posted at 7:31 AM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 14:52:57-04

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati Works’ JumpStart program aims to help people get their resume in tip-top shape.

The program will be held virtually or in person as many people are getting back into the job market during the pandemic.

Terana Boyd, Cincinnati Works job search coordinator, said the most common resume mistake is that people overload them with too much information. Some information should be left for the interview, she said.

Another tip: Resumes should always be saved in a PDF format. That way, its style stays consistent regardless of how employers access it.

People who have been out of an office setting for a while need not worry. Boyd said companies are looking for transferable skills so they can use their employees in unique ways.

"Even though you haven't been an employee, you’ve still been working, you’ve still been managing house, you’re still taking care of kids, you’ve still been assisting the elderly, such as your parents, those are all skills that you can put on your resume ... and even volunteering experience too, as well,” Boyd said.

Anyone interested in the JumpStart program should call Cincinnati Works at 513-744-WORK. Orientation sessions are scheduled every Tuesday.

Participants will complete the program virtually if they have a computer. Otherwise, sessions are held at the Duke Energy Convention Center.