Looking for a job? This local organization can help to get you one today

'You could sign up today and could be connected to a job!'
Posted at 5:00 AM, Jun 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-15 10:56:51-04

CINCINNATI — Derrek Dickey Jr. is a father of 10, a grandfather of 14 (soon to be 16), and a chef with a lengthy resume. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, his resume went through unexpected changes after being let go from his previous job cooking at a Mt. Auburn restaurant.

“I’ve just been basically trying to support my family,” Dickey Jr. explained.

To do that, he started searching for jobs, not knowing that the help he needed was literally around the corner from his home, at the Urban League of Southwestern Ohio.

“It’s crazy times,” said Vice President of Impact for the Urban League Ashlee Young. “Absolutely, positively crazy from all different angles.”

The League has shifted its job training and resume workshops online to keep helping the community for jobs, but in early June, it also added a new way for people to access jobs immediately.

“It might not be the exact job that you’re looking for, but we do have that opportunity available because we realize that during this time, some people need to be connected immediately to work,” she said.

This new initiative was made possible by a partnership between the civil rights organization and TrueBlue, a company that helps connect people to employment.

“During this time of crisis, it’s really important and imperative that we are here to support people as they are going through financial crisis,” said Young.

Young says that during COVID-19, the Urban League has seen a lot of people needing urgent jobs.

Some of the opportunities you can expect range from solar jobs to secret shoppers, among some. This immediate help is what Dickey Jr. is thankful for today.

“It’s life-changing,” he said with a smile on his face. “I think more people need to know about it. I’m thankful for it… it’s just always something you can fall back on if you’re running out of leads for jobs.”

To learn more and get immediate help, text ULCONNECT to 797979 or click here.