Victory Pints hopes to bring gaming, craft beer to Maineville

Victory Pints
Posted at 10:44 AM, Apr 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 10:44:36-04

MAINEVILLE, Ohio — Board games are not child's play.

That is what Riley Mullins wants people to know as he prepares to open Victory Pints, a board game bar in Mainville this summer.

"So, Victory Pints is set to be Cincinnati's new board game venue and so what that means is you can walk in the door and there will be hundreds of games on the shelf that you can pull off and play for free with your friends or family or even strangers," Mullins said.

Mullins said adults will be able to enjoy craft beer on tap, too in the bar located at 48 W. Foster-Maineville Rd. in Maineville.

Victory Pints' name is a play on a term familiar to many board game enthusiasts -- victory points.

Mullins is in the final financing and planning stages for the venue, which he hopes to open in August.

"We withdrew all of our retirement to live off of and put equity in the business and to devote ourselves, me and my wife, to devote myself full time to bringing Victory Pints to life," he said.

Mullins previously worked as director of development for a local nonprofit. He said Victory Pints was born out of his love for board games

"I've been passionate about board games for about the past decade and been pretty immersed in the hobby and the community and working at different conventions and you know playtesting for a major publisher," Mullins said

Mullins also launched GoFundMe and Kickstarter campaigns to make his dreaming of owning a board game bar a reality.

"We could boost our equity to acquire a small business loan," Mullins said of the campaigns.

Mullins said support for his small business venture has been strong so far.

He hosted an impromptu gaming event at Victory Pints' location last Saturday.

"The board game community, in general, is pretty passionate and loyal in general," Mullins said.

And then there is the support of people outside of the gaming community.

"The establishment next door, Scoopz, the community ice cream shop, they own this venue and they've been very flexible and generous with us," Mullins said. "Just dozens of people that don't, you know have anything at stake or much on the line, they are just giving of themselves to support us."

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