Some changes gym-goers can expect in Ohio

Posted at 5:58 AM, May 26, 2020

CINCINNATI — It's been about two months since gyms in Ohio closed due to the pandemic, and now as they begin to reopen, gym-goers will see some changes.

Cycle Bar in Kenwood, for example, spaced out their bikes to maintain social distancing while people are there for a workout. John Janszen, the owner of Cycle Bar, also said they have put up a Plexiglas screen to protect workers at the front desk, and they have put other measures in place to make sure people are safe.

"The team will take your temperature before you come into the studio," Janszen said. "(We) ask you to put your hands out and they'll spray your hands with sanitizer. We will be checking you in so you don't have to touch the iPads. As a matter of fact, the only thing you will touch in our studio is the bike."

All the bikes are also sanitized between sessions as a precaution, and a Reme Halo was installed in the fitness center to help clean and purify the air.

Other gyms across Ohio will be taking similar steps to guarantee customer safety.

Kristen McAuliffe, who owns It’s Working Out, described a plan to double-sanitize every piece of equipment after use. Flippable signs reading “sanitized/not sanitized” will indicate what’s clean and what isn’t, and all of the equipment will be color-coded to deter cross-contamination.

“I know all our members are going to do this (to stay safe),” she said. “Just be really safe and be smart. Only come if you’re really comfortable and you have no symptoms and haven’t been around anyone that’s sick. It’s just all common sense.”