Rosie's Cocktails and Pies offers fresh take on pizzas

Posted at 4:50 PM, May 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-06 18:34:52-04

CINCINNATI — The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the opening of Rosie's Cocktails and Pies at Seventh and Sycamore streets, Downtown, but co-owner Haley Sitek said the pizzeria is ready to wow customers.

"We just kind of hit the ground running, wanted to see if there was still businesses out to serve lunch to," Sitek said.

Sitek said she and her husband, Anthony Sitek, originally wanted to focus primarily on cocktails at the location.

"This has kind of been in the works since before COVID," she said.

When the pandemic began, the Siteks decided to rework their concept to meet the current circumstances.

"We kind of reformatted a little bit and really wanted to highlight what my husband grew up on, which is the tomato pie," Sitek said. "Traditionally that's cheese down first then sauce on top that keeps the crust crispier the entire dining experience. It's also great for to-goes. Right now with our current living environment and just with the world, we wanted to make sure everyone is enjoying that pizza."

On the drink side of the menu, Sitek had a couple of recommendations.

"My favorite is going to be the Empress," she said. "It is a lavender infused-style gin-based drink. So, it is a beautiful purple color with some fresh edible flowers on top."

She also suggested the "It is what it is," a two-toned drink served in a pineapple glass.

Sitek said she has been surprised by how popular Rosie's has been since it opened last week.

"It's been great," she said. "We're very blessed to be in the residential district and have so many regulars from our sister restaurant Crown that just been excited and supporting us."

She added that support has kept her other two Cincinnati restaurants, Crown Republic Gastropub and Losanti Steakhouse going during the pandemic.

"They really showed up for us and told us to keep going, keep going," Sitek said. "They're the ones who really made this possible."

For more information about Rosie's Cocktails and Pies visit its Facebook page.