Indiana retailers open for business Monday at 50% capacity

Some stores remain closed to make final preparations
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Posted at 10:08 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 17:02:36-04

VEVAY, Ind. — On Monday, retailers across Indiana reopened their doors as Gov. Eric Holcomb allowed stores to reopen at 50% capacity. But in several communities, some store owners chose to stay closed as they make final preparations.

Angie Priest, who owns the Vevay Vintage Prop and Shop, is one of them, if just for a short while.

“There was no way to anticipate the revenue stopping,” Priest said of the coronavirus-related closures. “As a small business owner, it was a real gut check.”

Inside her offbeat antique shop, Priest said she was ready for a new season after a slow few months this winter. Being able to reopen Monday came as a surprise, albeit a good one.

“I needed a couple extra days to make sure I have that in place. And that I got the information out, and we’re ready to pull the trigger on the hours,” she said.

Come Wednesday, two people will be allowed in the store at a time, and they have to be from the same household. Everyone inside will be required to wear a mask, and after you leave, workers will get to disinfecting.

Right next to Priest’s shop sits the Vevay Antique Mall, which was supposed to open for the first time more than a month ago. Instead, it welcomed their first customers on Monday.

“Right now we’re for the next few weeks doing appointment only so we have time to get cleaned up,” said Vevay Antique Mall co-partner Emily Prarat.

The mall held a virtual grand opening as their focus shifted to online sale.

“The silver lining is that a lot of people have responded and shopped online,” Prarat said. “Even though we’ll finally open our doors in July and have our grand opening, we’re excited that the online Facebook shopping has been working.”

Small businesses in Indiana are getting innovative so they can see a tomorrow.

“The one thing I look forward to is a few months down the road, saying if we can make it through this,” Priest said. “We’re going to do anything. We can keep going.”

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