East Walnut Hills salon, Ten Tiny Canvases, blends health, beauty and fine art

Posted at 1:59 PM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 17:21:50-04

Small businesses help make up a community. They become part of our daily lives as we utilize their services and get to know the folks that work in them. With many small businesses still struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to spotlight some you know and others that may not be on your radar. Here’s this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

CINCINNATI -- A new business is on the rise in East Walnut Hills.

The owner of Ten Tiny Canvases, Maggie Stewart, said her nail salon will give your nails the art gallery experience. The shop, located on the corner of East McMillan and Concord streets, opened in February.

Stewart's regular posts on the shop's Instagram page, @tentinycanvases_llc, have drawn attention. Stewart said the fun colors and simple line art are some the latest trends.

“Everyone loves the little swirlies right now,” she said. “The bright colors are very popular, and I’ve done a lot of flowers and daisies recently.”

Stewart started her nail business in 2016 before opening her own studio she rented space at another salon for several years.

“One day I was sitting there and realized I paint ten tiny canvases for a living so that’s where (the name) came from,” said Stewart.

Her philosophy is nurturing healthy, natural nails. Stewart started growing and painting her natural nails in high school; she said the system she developed has made all the difference for her clients.

“Once I realized that you can have nice, long, natural nails, naturally that was really important,” said Stewart. “A lot of people think that you have to have acrylics just to have long nails and that’s not always true.”

But Ten Tiny Canvases is not just a nail salon: It doubles as an art gallery for Stewart's paintings.

“The art was a big motivation to open my own space so I could combine both of my passions,” she said.

Stewart hopes the textured and abstract pieces on the walls inspire her clients while she paints their Ten Tiny Canvases.

According to Stewart, opening her salon was a reminder that doing what you love doesn’t have to feel like work.

“I feel like it just proves to yourself that you are capable of doing that. I feel like a lot of people are told that they can’t when in reality you should be told that you can,” said Stewart.

Starting in June, Ten Tiny Canvases will offer facials, waxing and brow work. Stewart also plans to host DIY art workshops.