Delhi Skyline Chili remodel brings touch of history

Clifton Skyline getting remodel but will maintain familiar charm
Posted at 3:29 PM, May 21, 2021

DELHI TWP., OHIO — One longtime local Skyline Chili parlor owner recently showed love for its community by creating a visual ode to the past.

"We basically gutted the entire restaurant," said Joe Lambrinides, owner of Skyline Chili in Delhi Township. "So, from ceiling tiles all the way up to all wiring above the ceiling tiles."

Lambrinides said when he decided to remodel his store starting in February, rather than update the location with new decor and seating, he also wanted to reflect its history and the history of the community it has served for 40 years.

Lambrinides's father opened the parlor on Delhi Avenue in 1980 featuring the first Skyline drive-thru.

"I started working when I was 15," Lambrinides said.

The younger Lambrinides said a longtime employee suggested decorating the chili parlor with historic black and white photos of Delhi Township.

"We were looking around the restaurant, where to put these and how many we wanted," he said.

And then in stepped Kristina Kennel, owner of 31st Designs.

"I knew the Skyline, the Delhi Skyline Chili was under renovation," Kennel said. "I grew up in Delhi."

Kennel said when she was approached to help decorate the interior of the redesigned Skyline, she was honored.

"We wanted to fit as many pictures in there as possible without overwhelming the viewers," she said.

With the help of the Delhi Historical Society, the Lambrinides and Kennel created a mural of 33 photographs illustrating both the community and location's history.

"Of course it's probably because of who I am, but I love the vintage Skyline, the original Delhi Skyling sign," Lambrinides said. "It's unique."

Kennel said she had a few favorite photographs too.

"I love the old fashion cars, of course," Kennel said. "Seeing the prices and the old news ads and newspapers is pretty cool."

She also said where the mural is located holds a special place for her.

"This was our neighborhood Skyline here to go to," Kennel said. "The gazebo was our favorite place to sit."