Cincinnati Art Museum reopens with a new exhibit

Posted at 6:04 AM, Jun 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 08:08:28-04

CINCINNATI — After closing in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Cincinnati Art Museum reopens Friday, and guests will be able to enjoy a new exhibit also.

The new "Art Climb" was finished earlier in 2020, but thanks to the pandemic there wasn't much fanfare. The new exhibit starts at the intersection of Gilbert Avenue and Eden Park Drive and ascends the nearby hill until it reaches the Art Museum.

The staircase includes multiple flights of steps and landings climbing the hill, as well as lighting, outdoor artwork and a pavilion at the top with a view over Cincinnati.

"Like the traditional steps leading to some of the most famous museums around the world, this grand staircase will become a signature gateway from the museum to the nearby community," the museum said in a news release.

Besides the new exhibit, the museum also has some new rules in place to help keep visitors and staff healthy.

"We've increased the amount we clean inside our building," Jill Dunne, director of communications for the art museum, said. "We're also ensuring that we have these hospital grade filtration systems that create a clean air environment. We know that all employees will be wearing masks; we're hoping that adds another layer of safety, and we're encouraging our visitors to do so as well."

Only 100 people are being let into the museum every hour for the time being, and there are no guided tours at this time. The museum is open to members now, but other visitors will be able to get tickets starting Saturday here.