Attack in Turkey hits close to home for some

Posted at 7:14 AM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 07:14:16-04

"It's a shame what happened in Turkey today."

From a table in his restaurant, Istanbul Café owner Levent Kurucay watched images of Tuesday's terrorist attack at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. At least 41 people were killed and another 150 were injured in the attack, according to ABC News.

Kurucay said his sister, nephew and mother flew to Turkey through Istanbul Atatürk Airport just last week. They are in Turkey and safe now, he said.

"Lots of tourists are coming in right now to the international terminals and Istanbul is a big hub for the Turkish airlines," Kurucay said. "It's a very busy airport."

Flights from Cincinnati to Turkey resumed Wednesday morning.

University of Cincinnati professor and counter-terrorism expert Ed Bridgeman said airports are the new soft targets for terrorists; he said he believes this is only the beginning.

"The scary thing is that this kind of small cell attack is the new normal," he said. "This bears all the hallmarks of the ISIS-inspired small cell -- where ISIS gives (attackers) the ideas, the ideal, the philosophy and says 'You know what to do.'"

Even halfway around the globe, the attack, for some, still hits close to home.

"The world is not safe," Kurucay said. "This happens in France, it happens in England, it just happened in Orlando. When people want to do something, it's hard to stop them."