Which crimes do Americans worry about most?

Posted at 12:48 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 12:51:53-05

Americans are more worried about crimes that happen over the internet than being burglarized or being the victim of terrorism, according to a recent Forbes report on a Gallup poll.

The poll revealed U.S. adults are more afraid of cybercrimes than any other type of crime.

The poll found 67 percent of Americans worry about hackers stealing their personal, credit card or financial information.

Identity theft comes next. The poll said 66 percent of Americans worry about their identity being stolen. Car break-ins are the third most worried about crime, according to the poll.

Here are the results of the Gallup poll:

  • Having your personal, credit card or financial information stolen by hackers: 67%
  • Being the victim of identity theft: 66% 
  • Having your car stolen or broken into: 38%
  • Your home burglarized when you are not there: 36%
  • Being the victim of terrorism: 30%
  • Having a school-aged child physically harmed while attending school: 26%
  • Getting mugged: 25%
  • Your home being burglarized while you are there: 23% 
  • Being victim of a hate crime: 22%
  • Getting murdered: 18%
  • Being sexually assaulted: 18%
  • Being attacked while driving your car: 18%
  • Being assaulted/killed by a coworker/employee where you work: 6%