Roundabout coming to Butler County in effort to curb crashes

Posted at 7:44 AM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 07:44:50-05

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A roundabout will be built at an intersection near Middletown where there have been too many crashes, according to Ohio Department of Transportation officials.

Officials want to put a roundabout near State Route 122 and Elk Creek Road, which is located west of Middletown. The roundabout will cost $2.3 million in safety funding.

There have been about 30 crashes at the intersection in the last five years, according to ODOT. Officials said most of the crashes occurred at an angle, which is why they’re hopeful a roundabout will be a viable solution.

ODOT spokesperson Kathleen Fuller said officials have already tried smaller solutions like larger stop signs, rumble strips and flashing LED lights.

“We did different things over the years to try and improve safety, and of course there were still crashes occurring at this location,” Fuller said. “So, these things do take time. It’s not the fastest process everybody would like, but there has been a lot of support for change.”

The intersection is also on Gov. Mike DeWine’s list of top improvement projects in the state.

Officials are in the design phase of the project and expect construction to start in 2024. If that time frame holds, the roundabout will be completed by 2025.