Riders to present TANK board with list of complaints Thursday

Residents worried information on new TANK bus route changes isn't reaching those who need it most
Posted at 6:09 AM, Jun 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-10 07:14:42-04

Some who rely on Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky buses to get them around the area will present a petition full of complaints to the TANK board Thursday, because they said the buses aren't meeting their transportation needs.

Elle Mott, a bus rider and co-author of the petition, would have presented the petition to board members Wednesday night at their scheduled meeting, but she got off work just before the meeting started and she didn't think a bus would show up to get her to the meeting on time.

Instead, Mott and the other co-author are meeting with the TANK board Thursday night to present to them the petition, which outlines three main complaints.

The first complaint is that TANK buses regularly don't show up on time.

"One person told me that he had just had a medical procedure, and the bus hadn’t shown up and he couldn’t wait another hour, so the ambulance was called," Mott said.

Another complaint is that when buses do show up, they are usually hours late.

"People are standing outside of Kroger for two hours with their groceries spoiling," Mott said. "People are losing their jobs over this because they tell their employers when they can work according to the bus schedule and that doesn’t happen."

And the third complaint is citizens feel unheard when they present these issues to TANK. While Mott said no-show buses regularly make an appearance on board meeting agendas, they continue to be an issue.

"What I hope will happen is, immediately, the very next day, when I get off work, I know I‘ve got a bus to get me home in a timely manner," Mott said. "If a bus is five, 10, 15 minutes late, that’s fine. I just need it to show up and get me home."