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Metro offers free rides as gas prices rise in Cincinnati

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Posted at 11:38 PM, Mar 15, 2022

CINCINNATI — Metro is offering drivers a much-needed break from the pump as gas prices hover around $4.09 a gallon in the Cincinnati area.

All routes will operate fare-free Sunday, March 20 through Saturday, March 26 as the city's bus service thanks loyal customers and welcomes new riders.

“Long before the pandemic and current fuel-price challenges, Metro has always been there as an alternative to the costs and stresses of relying on a car,” CEO and General Manager Darryl Haley said in a press release. “While other systems across the country have faced the difficult decision to cut service throughout the pandemic, we have actually added service, and now our customers can get more places throughout their community than ever before.”

Metro employees will also be available at Government Square and Northside Transit Center throughout the week to provide assistance to new customers.

This is the highest gas prices have been since the summer of 2008. Unleaded gas was $4.17 a gallon during the financial crisis, but prices were back down below $3 within months.

The jump to more than $4 may feel even higher for drivers accustomed to the low prices brought on by the COVID-`19 pandemic. In March 2020, gas prices in Cincinnati fell to $2.32. They dropped below $2 within the next couple of months as more people worked from home.

You can see a map of Cincinnati's current gas prices onWCPO's interactive gas map here. Use the zoom feature to see prices near you.

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