Fairfield surveys residents to plan for the future

Posted at 6:32 PM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 18:33:39-05

FAIRFIELD, Ohio — The city of Fairfield has spent the last few months getting input from the community. What do people like? What do they want more of in the future?

Some of the requests moving forward include:

  • More trails and sidewalks;
  • Restaurants that are not fast food or chains;
  • Fewer car lots;
  • And more open space.

Now the city plans to use that input to craft an updated comprehensive plan. The plan hasn’t been touched since 2009.

Laura Koeninger, who has lived in Fairfield more than 30 years, likes Harbin Park and all there is to do in the city.

“I think keeping parks and community events and having lots of those is always good for any community,” said Koeninger.

“For a small city, there’s actually quite a bit to do here,” Koeninger said. “Our community centers are really well run. They always have really good shows and they always seem to be trying new things there. We have a beautiful library.”

Outdoor space is a priority for many people there. Rena Davis, who doesn't live in Fairfield but works there, wishes there was more.

"Sometimes on my breaks I might want to take a walk on a trail for exercise. But I was trying to Google parks around but they’re not close and there’s not many,” said Davis.

Kim Himsel, who also works Fairfield, says she’s happy with the direction of the city.

“It’s really clean. It’s well maintained. The people are really nice and it’s just a nice part of town,” Himsel said.

The city says most of the survey feedback was positive and people are happy that community input is going to drive the new comprehensive plan.

The new plan will address everything from infrastructure improvements to park space to private development. The city expects to finish the plan this summer.

“I’m very confident,” Davis said. “It seems like they’re a big team and they’re willing to work with anyone and not discriminate against anything.”

“As far as Fairfield goes, I think they’ll stay up with the times and keep updating everything,” said Himsel.