How to have a prayer at getting your hands on a Super Nintendo Classic Edition this fall

Nostalgic device hits shelves on Sept. 29
Posted at 8:53 AM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 08:53:33-04

Unless you had the patience of a saint in those holiday lines or forked over huge amounts of cash, you likely missed Nintendo’s short-lived NES Classic Edition this year. (I’m not bitter or anything…)

Here's your shot at redemption.

A miniature version of the Super Nintendo system loaded with 21 classic games is hitting stores Sept. 29 for $80, but it’ll be available for pre-order later this month from various retailers. If you even want a prayer at securing what is sure to be a hot-ticket item, check out Business Insider’s custom Twitter list here to get informed the moment retailers have the SNES Classic Edition available for pre-ordering.

Tech Reporter Antonio Villas-Boas compiled the list from retailers who have openly stated they will carry the device, along with those who sold the NES Classic and will likely also offer the new toy.

“Right now, that list will likely show a lot of irrelevant tweets that have nothing to do with the SNES Classic,” Villas-Boas wrote on Business Insider. “It could drive you crazy, but once the news comes out that it's available for pre-order, you'll be thankful you endured the madness. Then, you can click like hell to nab yourself a SNES Classic from whatever store tweets that it has pre-order units available.”

He also included detailed instructions for crafting your own personalized Twitter list for updates on the SNES Classic.