5G Network: What it is and when we can expect it

Posted at 3:10 PM, Jan 10, 2019

It was eight years ago when tech giants introduced us to 4G technology. But at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CSE) conference in Las Vegas, it’s all about the 5G network.

Verizon and AT&T already have a 5G network in place ready to go.

However, people are still confused about what is it.

Samsung 5G guru Franklin Miranda-Sibrian says it’s going to be a very exponential change.

Right now, 4G runs at a speed of 300 mega bites per second. But 5G runs at a speed of 100,000 mega bites per second.

"Right now, on our current 4G network, we are able to connect about 10,000 devices per kilometer square,” Miranda-Sibrian explains. “Now, on that 5G network, in that same kilometer square, we are able to connect 1 million devices."

That means you are going to see a big difference in speed, especially at places like large sporting events.

If you love streaming video on your device, the word buffering will cease to exist with a 5G network.

"We are talking Blu-ray quality, Blu-ray quality like this,” he says, snapping his finger.

When could we see this up and running and get it for ourselves? Experts say it won’t be until 2020. You’ll need to go to your service provider to upgrade, and it will likely cost more.