Sewer leak closes Winton Lake to boating, fishing

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 16:15:21-04

Leakage from two overflowing manholes poured sewage into Winton Lake Monday afternoon, forcing Great Parks of Hamilton County to close off the lake to boaters and fishers until further notice.

“An odor and discoloration” tipped them off shortly after noon, according to a news release from Great Parks spokeswoman Jennifer Sivak.

"According to MSD, tree roots were primarily blocking the sewage line as well as grease, baby wipes, things that just get caught up," said Sivak.

Those two overflowing manholes have been repaired and the sewer lines cleared. Remaining crews are focused on pumping the sewage that made its way into the pond out.

Our staff is working with Ohio EPA to assess not only the damage to the park but how it affects the entire ecosystem," said Sivak. "At this time, I can’t tell you what that damage is or isn’t. But, we should know shortly."

Sivak and park officials want visitors to know the park is open, safe and clean for visitors. Winton Lake is the only area affected by the sewage spill, and is closed to boating and fishing until the remaining sewage can be pumped out.